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Balayage is the ART of free hand painting highlights onto the hair. Balayage lightens and brightens the hair leaving it soft and natural looking with no harsh lines. Balayage grows out seamlessly and natural and requires less maintenance than trads itional foil highlights. Balayage package prices start at $150.


Visor Method     Highligts 

Visor Method Highlights is an advanced foiling technique that quickly and efficiently achieves a myriad of results depending on the desired end look. I was trained in this technique over 20 years ago and have been able to adapt it to work with the ever evolving styles of today. Highlight packages  start at $140 and go up depending on length and thickness of the hair. 

foil highlights.jpg


"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" Coco Chanel

She wasn't wrong. Don't we all know how great it feels when you leave the salon with fresh new ends? Haircut pricing starts at $35 when booked as a stand alone appointment. 

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