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Hop aboard the Education train and take your skills behind the chair to the next level. When your green you'll grow. I never stop learnin, and vow to always be a student, that is why I am so passionate about salon education. I absolutely love being a hairstylist and I also love connecting and sharing my passion for this industry with like minded stylist.

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Be Inspired Blonding with Angie Dodson

Want to learn how to seamlessly hand paint balayage with freedom from foils? Do you struggle with getting the lift your guests desire with hand painting alone? 

I have a class for you!


Do you want to learn how to foil super fast and efficient and achieve beautiful results that your guest will love? Highlights that appear to be growing directly from the scalp?

I've got a class for that! 


Hand Painted Balayage 

I love to share my passion of painting hair as an educator with Sunlights Balayage. 

Sunlights Balayage is the perfect painting medium to help the artist express themselves with the strongest lift in the industry.  Trained under Candy Shaw aka The Balay Lama I'd love to share my favorite tricks and tips with you on how to create the most beautiful balayages. 

Looking for a class on foiling? I offer advanced foiling classes using Visor Method Highlights. This fast and efficient technique is so adaptable, depending on your guests desired end result you can use this technique to achieve many different looks.

Visor MethodHighlights

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Not sure where to start to get a class?
Email me at for more information on classes offered and how to choose the best option for you and your salon team. 

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Be Inspired Blonding with Angie Dodson

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