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Angie's Blonding Guide

Whether you use your color brush to wield foil or clay lightener, these blonding tips will help you eliminate the guesswork. 

Visor Foiling Tips

All lighteners are not created equal. Choose a lightener that resist swelling to prevent bleeding. 

The power is in the powder, not the developer. More powder= faster more even lift. 

Keep a scoop of lightener on your tray and slowly add a little bit of powder to your formula every 10 to 15 minutes. This will keep your lightener active and help all the sections process at the same time. 

Smaller sections will help you achieve more lift. The thinner your section, the lighter you’ll be able to lift.


Over directing the hair can create lines, try to place the foil right at the parting of the section to avoid over direction.


Use Malibu detox to stop the oxidation process and prevent over processing of your lightener. Keeping the hair healthy and preparing it for the final glaze. 


Does your guest have well water? Prepare the hair with a chelating shampoo or Malibu C to give yourself a clean canvas for a more even lift. 


Balayage Tips

Choose a lightener that doesn’t flake. This will help you avoid spotting and will keep your working area clean.  

Don’t be afraid to mix your lightener thick. Your power is in your powder Mix it thick to achieve maximum lift. Think DQ blizzard thick!

Paint with the  lightener not the bristles of your brush. You should not be able to hear your paintstroke. 

Elevation equals diffusion. The higher you elevate the hair the section you  are painting, the more defused,natural and softer result you will get. 

You don’t want to see any of the hair showing through your section that you’ve just painted if it’s not white, it won’t be light.

When, in doubt, leave it out. With  balayage the less you paint the prettier, your end result will be.


If you paint a knot, you’ll get a spot.  Make sure your sections are smooth before you paint them to avoid spotting.

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